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The Project Of Lok Kalyan Vikas Trust


  • To work for the cause of Handicapped Senior Citizens, which leads to improve their QUALITY of LIFE. 
  • To work towards improvement of their quality of life so that they can remain INDEPENDENT. 
  • To provide high quality support services system to enhance the well being of handicapped seniors and the community. 


To be pioneer, innovative and leader in the new approach which takes one to long term care that will change the life of Senior Citizens and the way our Society views. Humility in the aging process through pioneer and innovative practices which keeps     an individual happy, appreciated and respected for generations.


  • Taking care of senior citizens as a “SACRED DUTY" that leads to holistic growth of all involved.
  • Treating all community senior citizens as “ONE BIG FAMILY “.
  • Respecting every individual.
  • Providing services to all senior citizens irrespective of caste, creed, religion, race or culture.
  • Making ends meet for a better and a happier life for Senior Citizens.
  • Getting people across all forums to be a part of this movement in different capacities.


Wheel Chairs will be provided at each Major Railway Junction. For each Wheel Chair there will be 4 handlers and 2 supervisors (Female). Handicapped Senior Citizens who avail of this service, will be transferred from their existing point to destination.

e.g. if a Handicapped Senior Citizen, avails of the service to reach the train from platform No. 1, then the Handicapped Senior Citizen will be made to seat on the wheel chair, will be taken to the train which She/He plans to board. is precisely the reason to come in to existence for these people. To give Senior Citizens dignity, respect and joy.