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Education for street Children 

Government of India has passed bill for right to education (RTE).

In spite of this still a large number of children fail to attend school for various reason.

We at plan to address this issue y positively planning in a systematic way and undertake this project under Lok Kalyan Vikas Trust.

We have already taken baby steps in the field of education . We will be distributing free note books in government schools for this new academic year . (Details of distribution & schools will be uploaded /shared later) . We plan to do this program in a phased manner at different place in Delhi.

After making a significant contributions towards stationary distribution we plan to answer the bigger issue , education for all ,irrespective of economic ,caste and religion .All children must study .This is a big issue and small and corrective steps taken today ,will lead these children to a bright and better tomorrow.

We are in the process of speaking with municipal schools ,government schools ,government aided schools to secure admission for these children .We find it very difficult to convince the parents /children to attend the school as they nead money for survival and hence do add jos. This is our dream at Lok Kalyan Vikas trust to see that all children receive education and be literate and contribute towards making India Great.