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  • Quality and easy accessibility to world class facilities and best of doctors are the features which will be highly visible at the hospital projects under Lok Kalyan Vikas Trust.
  • plans these for senior citizens, handicapped and the needy and the marginalized of the society.
  • For every patient registration a file will be created for each patient for a nominal fee of Re. 1/- only . The file will have complete medical details of the patient .Rs. 1/- is a Onetime payment.
  • All checkup and diagnosis will be carried out free of cost for senior citizens & handicapped.
  • The Hospital will also try to provide basic medicine for Rs. 5/- per patient.
  • The thought process is as follows, Volunteers of will visit private hospital and collect all excess medicine from these hospital.
  • When a patient is discharged medicine that is in excess is usually left back .Our volunteers will collect all these medicine and bring it tour hospitals and handover to the medical officer .This medicine will be made available at Rest. 5/- per patient.
  • Most of critical –Care medicine will be offered at affordable price by best quality doctors.
  • Affordable price will be in terms of cost for the entire procedure along with quality of doctors.
  • Affordable price will also be applicable to the other members of society if there is space and time for it.
  • Currently plans to hold a health checkup camp in Delhi & Lucknow.
  • Senior citizens will be checked for blood pressure, blood sugar, Dental and eye checkup.
  • Usually these are the organs which mal functions with age .A reading and report for the above checkup will be provided at the venue .For further corrective work and medication they will be provided with details of the doctors on the panel of
  • This project will be undertaken by Lok Kalyan Vikas Trust.

Ambulance Service with medical team & critical care Service

The details of the services will be uploaded shortly.

A project of Lok Kalyan Vikas Trust.

Medical Team in long distance trains 

The details of these services will be uploaded shortly.

A Project of Lok Kalyan Vikas Trust.